Top Piece menneskehår

It has never been so easy and smooth to get a beautiful and natural result. Top Piece is the market's smoothest hair piece and provides maximum volume in just seconds. Top Piece is the perfect hair piece for those who are a bit thin and have bald spots, top piece is also used to give volume and close the hair extension in the middle of the head.


Top Piece works as a good tool in everyday life, both as a covering and as the perfect accessory. Our Top Piece looks very natural because it is made of lace and the hair looks like it comes directly from the scalp. Fairwithhair Top Piece Hair  consist of 100% Genuine High Quality Hair.


Here's how to attach your Top Piece


1. Open the clip on the hair piece

2. Extend the front behind the front hairline

3. Align to the bottom of your Top Piece so that it sticks to the head, then attach the clips to the sides

4. Style!

One tip is to use only Fairwithhair recommended hair products to ensure the best possible care and quality. 


For styling

Top Piece can be cut and styled according to your wishes, however, we recommend that you use heat protection when using hair dryer, pliers etc. And not to use heat too close to the bottom of your Top Piece as the net can melt. To style a part of the hair one needs to wet it, then brush the it with a soft brush.


Care instructions

We only sell 100% genuine Remy hair so you can wash and style your hair just as if it were your own hair. You can even dye it, but then we recommend that you do it in a salon with experience with  hair extensions. Always brush carefully before washing without disturbing the bottom of the hair piece. Pour about 40 degree water in a sink, moisturize, first distribute shampoo in your own hands and then rub it lightly without tangling to the hair. Never twist the wig during washing. Then rinse generously. Then apply conditioner that makes hair extra easy to straighten out and adds shine. Then rinse generously. Products we recommend for washing are Kis Kapper's hair care for real hair.