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Fairwithhair Points and rewards

Fairwithhair rabattsystem

We value you as a customer and therefore want to invite you to our Points and Rewards System. You only need to register as a customer before your purchase to take advantage of the benefits. If you are a guest, we will not be able to give you points. You get points for each order that is completed. The benefits are:

  • One point is worth 1 kr

  • For each 20 kr you earn, you will earn 1 point. That is, you get 5% in points on each completed purchase.

  • If you win for 1000 kr you get 50 points worth 50 kr. The points can then be saved or used as a discount on the next order.

  • Points must be converted to use within 90 days.


Remember to complete the registration and accept mail from us of your profile to take full advantage of your membership and gain access to all the benefits. Anyone who completes their registration will automatically receive 50 points that can be converted to 50 kr.

Note that we can not register points or give rebates afterwards. If you have any other questions about the points system then email us.