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Luxury Wavy Double Drawn Brazilian weft

Luxury Vågig Double Drawn Hårträns Brasilianskt Löshår

Vågig Double Drawn Brasiliansk Hårträns Löshår av högsta kvalité för enkel insättning och som går att återanvända många gånger!

Med Fairwithhair Luxury Brasiliansk Hårträns löshår uppfyller du drömmen om ett fylligt, glamoröst och lyxigt hår av högsta kvalité. Luxury Hårträns löshår är håret för dig som ställer höga krav på kvalité och livslängd. Vårt löshår består av garanterat 100% äkta löshår och enbart hårstrån av absolut högsta kvalité.

Med Luxury Hårträns löshår får du extra fylligt resultat med maximal volym. Få din drömfrisyr utan att tumma på kvalitén. Beställ ditt Luxury Brasilianska hårträns löshår idag, upplev känslan och skillnaden med bra löshår du också!

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Weft of natural hair extensions, Luxury Wavy Brazilian of the highest quality!

Do you have high demands on your hair extensions? Do you want a high quality hair extensions that last? Luxury Brazilian weft hair, is a hair extensions for those who place high demands on the high quality and longevity. Luxury wavy Brazilian hair extensions are namely exclusive hair of very high quality and long durability.

Genuine Luxury Wavy Brazilian hair extensions are naturally silky and strong hair extensions! The Brazilian hair extensions are also very nice, shiny and natural, the hair extensions are made of 100% guaranteed authentic human hair. Luxury Brazilian Double Drawn means that the hair on the weft is cut at both the root and the peaks, making all the hairs being practically of equal length. Luxury Double drawn hair extensions are suitable for those who want a really full extension.


Amount: 100 g per weft

Duration: Can be reused many times

Structure: Wavy hair extensions, natural wavy

Hair Extension Methods: Weaving, Sewing, Bonding, Micro Rings, Clip-on set

Quality: Luxury Hair –Tangle free, can be dyed, bleached, straightened and curled

Warranty: Quality guarantee is given on the extensions to the purchase and use of the recommended hair care


Luxury Hair, Straight Brazilian hair extensions are very soft, strong, shiny and tangle free hair extensions. A luxury hair extensions where quality is superior, which means that the extensions can be reused many times. Our Luxury Hair, Brazilian hair weft, hair extensions are of such high quality that it can be bleached, dyed, curled and styled as you want. Sustainability can be up to 1-2 years, if you care for your extensions well.

Our Luxury Hair, Brazilian hair extensions Color #Virgin 1b / 2 natural black and are guaranteed not chemically treated. All other color choices are dyed. It is the only chemical treatment carried out. Do you want to special order a color that you do not see on the color chart? Then choose the option #valfri/ optional color, and we will color the hair extensions to your preference. Double drawn hair extensions are really luxury hair extensions, but needs a little more care in terms of the use of Argan oil or other oils for hair extensions.


 The difference between Single Drawn hair extensions and Double Drawn hair extensions:

Luxury Double drawn hair extensions are the fullest hair extension available. The difference between Single Drawn and Double Drawn can be seen with the naked eye. Single Drawn hair extensions are thinner at the bottom and Double Drawn much fuller. In a Single Drawn extension hairpieces are of different lengths but for Double Drawn extensions hairpieces are cut both at the root and at the peaks, which makes all the  hairs being practically of equal length. 

Our Luxury Double Drawn Brazilian hair extensions usually come from one donor and therefor has the highest quality.


How many packets Brazilian hair extensions I need?

Usually you need 1-2 packages for a full extension, but if you want a really abundant hair extension we recommend three packets. And keep in mind that the longer the hair extension is, the shorter the weft width, as the weight of hair extensions is the same (100 grams). That is, the longer the hair, the more you need for hair extension.

Get your dream hair style without compromising on quality. Order your Luxury Hair, Brazilian hair weft, hair extensions today and we guarantee a fast delivery

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Kvalité & GarantiGenuine luxury nail hair Brazilian hair extensions. Luxury Nail Hair is a lyxlöshår with strong, soft and shiny hair. Our Brazilian hair extensions are 100% human virgin remy hair extensions. Brazilian hair extensions are one of the best hair available. Therefore, Brazilian hair extensions one of the most popular hair extensions options for the protection of high quality. Extensions can be done, flat, curl and style just as you want. Brazilian hair extensions are in their natural state, strong, soft, shiny and tangle-free. The durability of the hair in the original condition and proper maintenance is up to 2 years.
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